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Circle of Excellence & Grand Winner Awardees

Asia CEO Awards 2019


The event was the 10th and grandest yet. See Grand Winners and Circle of of Excellence awardees below. Download the Event Program Here.



Lifetime Contributor 


President Fidel V. Ramos

In past years, there have always been 2 Lifetime Contributor awardees – one for the private sector and one for the public sector.  In this special 10th year of Asia CEO Awards, we decided there would only be one Lifetime Contributor awardee since the nation-building contributions of the leader chosen were deemed so notable.  All Filipinos congratulate Former Philippine President, The Honorable Fidel V. Ramos, the sole Lifetime Contributor Awardee of Asia CEO Awards 2019. 


President Fidel Ramos Cruises to Asia CEO Awards


President Fidel Ramos awarded Lifetime Contributor


Fidel Valdez Ramos was the 12th President of the Philippines and is widely regarded as one of the most effective leaders of the nation’s history.  His term of government was characterized by rapid economic progress and political stability despite dealing with communist insurgencies, Islamic separatists and the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

FVR was educated at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and at the University of Illinois. He joined the Philippine army and served in Korea and Vietnam. He was appointed chief of the Philippine Constabulary in 1972 by President Marcos and responsible for enforcing martial law when it was imposed later that same year.

After the 1986 elections, Marcos claimed victory despite allegations of wide-spread fraud.  Ramos and defense minister Enrile supported Marcos’ opponent, Corazon Aquino. Their defection sparked the “People Power” movement that forced Marcos into exile. During Aquino’s presidency Ramos served as military chief of staff (1986–88) and secretary of national defense (1988–91).  He suppressed several military coup attempts against the government.

FVR was elected to succeed Aquino in 1992. He purged the national police force of corrupt officers and reached peace agreements with long-active guerrilla insurgencies.

He liberalized the Philippines’ protected economy to spur fast prosperity growth enabling the country to weather the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that crippled other economies across the region.



United Neon

Most Innovative Company of the Year


All advances to our standard of living are due to innovation.The United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year highlights the companies that are improving our lives by making things better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable. The Circle of Excellence awardees have all done this in very different and interesting ways.  

Circle of Excellence Awardees:

  • Anflo Industrial Estate
  • Angkas
  • Megaworld Corporation
  • Pag-IBIG Fund
  • PayMaya Philippines
  • PLDT Global Corporation
  • SPi Technologies


Most Innovative Company of the Year - Circle of Excellence Awardees


Grand Winner:


Paymaya is leading the way to bringing the vast majority of Filipinos who are excluded from the banking services with frictionless financial technologies that are accessible to the tech-savy young population of the Philippines.It received the largest investments in the history for the Philippine tech industry from world leaders Tencent and KKR.  A great achievement for PayMaya, grand winner and the pioneering Circle of Excellence awardees of the United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year.


United Neon Most Innovative Company of the Year - Grand Winner





Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurs are special kind of slightly crazy people who risk it all to build businesses that serve the rest of us.  The success of nations is usually determined by the success of its entrepreneurs.  


Circle of Excellence Awardees:

  • Carl Balita - President & CEO, Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center
  • George Nocom Pua - President & CEO, Meat Concepts Corporation (Rico's Lechon)
  • Gregory Kittelson - Chairman & Co-Founder, KMC Solutions
  • Jesus Joey Marcelo - Chief Executive Officer, Santé International
  • Myrna Tang Yao - CEO, Richprime Global
  • Romolo Nati - CEO, Italpinas Corporation


Regus Entrepreneur of the Year - Circle of Excellence Awardees


Grand Winner:

Myrna Yao, CEO of Richprime Global

Myrna is a typical crazy entrepreneur who built her business despite everyone telling her that a girl couldn’t do it.  Her company dominates various market segments in the nation and employs 1,500 happy people.  Hail to Myrna Yao, grand winner and the remarkable Circle of Excellence awardees of the Regus Entrepreneur of the Year


Regus Entrepreneur of the Year - Grand Winner




SPi Global

Technology Company of the Year


We are all focused on Technology these days since it is improving all our lives so much.  It is important to the nation’s advancement that we continue to advance our businesses with technology.  The SPI Global Technology Company of the Year highlights those companies that are doing the most to help us.  

Circle of Excellence Awardees:

  • Infor PSSC
  • ING Business Shared Services
  • Multisys Technologies
  • PayMaya Philippines
  • PCCW Solutions Philippines
  • Sprout Solutions
  • Wipro Philippines


SPi Global Technology Company of the Year - Circle of Excellence Awardees


Grand Winner:

Multisys Technologies

Multisys Technologies has become one of the nation’s most important technology companies.  It has developed systems that are transforming industries as diverse as healthcare, banking, retail, e-government, logistics, HRIS, education, utilities, biometrics, and so on.  Let wish them well as they become a regional powerhouse too.  Cheers to Multisys Technologies, grand winner and the leading-edge awardees of the  Circle of Excellence of the SPi Global Technology Company of the Year.


SPi Global Technology Company of the Year - Grand Winner





Wellness Company of the Year


Happy, healthy employees make happy, healthy companies that are also more profitable and easier to manage.  The Healthway Wellness Company of the Year recognizes those companies who do the most to create healthy lifestyles for their employees both inside and outside the workplace.  

Circle of Excellence Awardees:

  • 3M Global Service Center
  • Genpact Services LLC (Philippines Branch)
  • HSBC Global Service Centre Philippine
  • Johnson and Johnson Philippines
  • Mondelez Philippines
  • Teletech


Healthway Wellness Company of the Year - Circle of Excellence Awardees


Grand Winner:

3M Global Service Center

3M Global Service Center exemplifies health and wellness practices in its company.  Its policies and activities are the most comprehensive and inclusive in the nation.  Congratulations to 3M Global Service Center, grand winner and the compassionate Circle of Excellence awardees of the Healthway Wellness Company of the Year.