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Asia CEO Awards 2017

The event received by far the largest number of nominations and a huge jump from any previous years. See winners and finalists chosen by the judges below. Download the Event Program Here.

Lifetime Contributor (Public Sector)


Cesar Purisima (former Secretary, Department of Finance)

The Board of Judges of Asia CEO Awards 2016 has chosen Secretary Albert Del Rosario as this year’s Lifetime Contributor-Public Sector awardeeCesar Purisima’s substantial contributions to the nation as Finance Secretary during its historic era of breakthrough in economic and fiscal achievements was judged to be more than worthy. Philippines progressed from "sick man of Asia" to become the fastest growing tiger economy of the region. The country’s financial ratios improved in all respects while investments in social services were skillfully increased five-fold. Philippines attained its first-ever investment grade credit rating and become a business destination by global decision makers.

The Board of Judges acknowledge Cesar Purisima’s insistence that his achievements were the result of a public/private team effort led by former President Aquino, who will also go down as one of the nation’s greatest leaders. Nevertheless, the accomplishments of Cesar Purisima as Secretary of Finance are considered key to the nation’s development and will have lasting impact for generations.

Cesar Purisima

Cesar Purisima

Lifetime Contributor (NGO Sector)


Tony Meloto (Founder, Gawad Kalinga)

Tony Meloto has built Gawad Kalinga into arguably the largest poverty alleviation and nation building movement in Philippines. GK is present in almost every province and spread across 2,000 organized communities. The mandate of GK is to end poverty for families who have lived in slums and squalor from one generation after another. Their stated mission is to impact 5 million families by 2024. The innovative GK model has also been adopted in other nations like Cambodia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It is also in the forefront of peace-building work in conflict areas in Mindanao and reconstruction work in post-disaster communities.

Tony Meloto

Tony Meloto


Wellness Company of the Year

The award is open to any Philippines-based organization that achieved important success at workplace health promotion activities or organization policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes of employees.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: B&G Global Services Manila, Inc.

B&M Global Services was unique in the range and depth of its health and wellness programs. It is an equal opportunity employer at par with the best in the world. Its offers regular wellness benefits that are included by most leading employers such as workspace design, exercise programs, team building events, annual physicals, immunization, blood giving, etc. But it goes the extra by offering an extensive Work Life Coaching program that offers professional help on everything from legal issues, financial literacy, marriage & family problems and career development. Its online platform called bWell allows employees to collaborate around the world on health and wellness practices. B&M also has one of the strongest non-smoking policies in Philippines.


Young Leader of the Year

Candidates for this award can be either organizations that have done exemplary work developing young leaders or for individual young leaders who have accomplished remarkable achievements. The young leaders should be should not be older than 35 years old during the year considered and have the title ranging from manager and up.

And the Finalist are...

Chris Egan Roxas

CEO - XS Multimedia Corporation

Henry Motte-Munoz


Inanc Balci

CEO - Lazada Philippines

Jhondie Abenaza

President - Zeenoh Inc.

Leandro Legarda Leviste

President - Solar Philippines

Mario Berta

CEO - FlySpaces

Patrick Linton

CEO - Bolton International

Patrick Thomas Lynch

CEO - First Circle

Ray Runtgen del Rosario

Chairman - IPDCI

Robert Hayes

SVP, Southeast Asia - TaskUs

Inanc Balci

Inanc Balci

Winner: Inanc Blanci, CEO and Co-Founder, Lazada E-Services Philippines

Inanc Balci came to Philippines when he was 26 years old and has since built Lazada into the largest online shopping extravaganza in Philippines. They now employ 3,000 Filipinos helping customers to acquire hard-to-get products in hard-to-get locations. Lazada has helped thousands of merchants in the Philippines to sell products and start businesses. Inanc helped the company become the first to offer cash payments and to set up with own large scale logistics operation.


Heart for OFW’s Company

This award is given to private and public corporations that implement specific programs that produce a positive and significant effect to Filipino overseas foreign workers and their families.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: OSM Maritime Services, Inc.

OSM Maritime is one of the nation’s largest employers of Filipinos at highly skilled and highly paid positions in Philippines and throughout the world. Employee benefits are include the free training programs and seminars plus allowances and medical insurance that are above industry standards and usually extend to seafarers even while on vacation and to their families.


ASEAN Company of the Year

The award is open to for-profit organizations that achieved significant business growth and expansion across the ASEAN region. This award category is open to organizations which have demonstrated a commitment to introducing and boosting ASEAN economic capabilities and competitiveness within the region.

And the Finalist are...

Asean Finalists

Asean Finalists


The Board of Judges congratulates all finalists for their heroic efforts at building regional businesses. They are fantastic organizations with a great future ahead. However, the judges decided to let them expand their operations more before they could take the title of ASEAN Company of the Year.

Luneta Advertising

Most Innovative Company of the Year

The award is open to any Philippines-based organization that achieved important success within Philippines or outside of it. The accomplishment(s) must demonstrate Filipino (or mixed Filipino/expatriate) management talent performing at the highest standards and be recognized as internationally significant. The innovation must be meaningful to the business/organization and to the society.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: Felta Multi-Media Inc.

Felta Multi-Media is revolutionizing education in Philippines. Its leading edge learning programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects is pushing Filipinos students beyond the chalk and talk era of old to the modern age of education. The company is behind successful national initiatives such as First Lego Leagues competitions and the Philippine Robotics Olympiad.

LBC Business Solutions

SME Company of the Year

The awards is open to any Profit-Making Company that achieved important success. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are defined as non-subsidiary, independent firms employing between 10 and 500 employees.

And the Finalist are...

Gandang Kalikasan

Gandang Kalikasan

Winner: Gandang Kalikasan, Inc.

Gandang Kalikasan set up as a social enterprise with 5 employees a few years ago. Today, it is becoming a global force in personal care products employing more than 400 and winning awards and distribution deals around the world. While most merchandisers in Philippines hire staff on 5-month contract terms, GKI chooses to regularize all employee with full benefits. All GKI products are sustainably sourced from farmers in Philippines.

SPi Global

Technology Company of the Year

The award is open to corporate organizations, academe and startup companies that focuses on Information and Communications Technology, Bio Technology & Material Science, Sciences and Math & Engineering.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: is the world's largest freelancing marketplace and Filipinos are one of its most important and best rated service providers. People across Philippines and world earn global incomes at even remote locations and gain valuable experience to advance their careers. The company is making a critical impact for Filipinos who would not otherwise have the chance.

ADEC Innovations

Green Company of the Year

The award is open to corporate and non-corporate organizations that have demonstrated strong leadership and participation in sustainability and environmental protection programs initiatives in Philippines.

And the Finalist are...

First Gen

First Gen

Winner: First Gen Corporation

First Gen is considered the country’s leading clean and renewable energy company. It is the nation’s pioneer and largest natural gas power producer from indigenous energy sources. It operates the world’s largest integrated geothermal power producer through Energy Development Corporation (EDC). First Gen also has the largest wind power project in Philippines. Congratulations to First Gen Corporation for its pioneering work in renewable energy.


CSR Company of the Year

The award is open to corporate and non-corporate organizations that achieved important success in providing a social commitment to the Filipino people by promoting environment protection & awareness, livelihood programs and youth development projects which can contribute to the society.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: Telus International Philippines, Inc.

The CSR Company of the Year was one of the most difficult to choose since judges received more than 40 nominations from high quality organizations. Telus stood out not only by its financial commitment to CSR but also by the strong participation of employees from all levels to the causes it supports.


Service Excellence Company of the Year

The award is open to any Philippines-based organization that achieved important success within Philippines or outside of it. The accomplishment(s) must demonstrate Filipino (or mixed Filipino/expatriate) management talent performing at the highest standards which resulted to the company’s customer satisfaction.

And the Finalist are...

Task Us

Task Us

Winner: TaskUs

TaskUs began as a start-up of 2 high school friends. They became impressed by Filipinos they met online and decided to make Philippines their focus for growth. Today, the company is the back-office powerhouse behind the world’s fastest growing internet companies. Despite being possibly the fastest growing company in Philippines and employing 7,000, it has customer and employee appreciation numbers that are among the highest in the industry.

Meralco Biz Partners

Entrepreneur of the Year

The award is open to any person who achieved measurable success by starting a business or businesses in the Philippines from scratch. The entrepreneur must have assumed and overcame personal risks in doing so. The business or businesses founded should not be subsidiaries of other companies.

And the Finalist are...

Anna Meloto-Wilk

President - Gandang Kalikasan

Dr. Eduardo De Leon Cabantog

CEO - Alliance in Motion Global

Elsie Chua

CEO - CDC Holdings

Dr. Maynoll Montalbo

CEO - Mont Albo Wellness

Monette Iturralde-Hamlin

President - TeamAsia

Richard Sanz

CEO - Food Asia Group

Teeny Gonzales

CEO - Seven A.D.

Third Domingo

CEO - IdeasXMachina Advertising

William Tiu Lim

CEO - Mega Global Corporation

William Tiu

William Tiu

Winner: William Tiu Lim, President and CEO - Mega Global Corporation

William Tiu Lim began his business from scratch 40 years ago. Today, it exports its products to 36 countries around the world and is the largest Sardines Brand in Philippines. He has a fleet of 65 large commercial scale fishing vessels plus support ships and is one of the largest fleets in the country. He has chosen to operate in Zamboanga for many years and is one of the region’s leading employers.


Expatriate Executive of the Year

The award is open to any non-Filipino who achieved measurable success while overseeing a business enterprise within Philippines. The accomplishment must have made a strong contribution to the development of the country’s economic capabilities.

And the Finalist are...

Coleridge Shelley

CEO - VA Tech Wabag Philippines

Craig Reines

Chief Customer Officer - SITEL

Elek Toth

Country Leader - Concentrix Corporation

Eric Kaufman

Country Manager - IBEX Global

Gavin Barfield

Chief Technology Advisor - MERALCO

Hiroshi Okamura

President - Toshiba Information Equipment

Jared Morrison

Country Manager - VXI Global Holdings Phils.

Jeffrey Wiliams

CEO - Genfinity Philippines

Mark Lwin

CEO - AIG Phil Insurance & AIG Shared Svcs PH

Michael Russell

President - GGDC

Nathan Lamb

VP Supply Chain - Asurion Techlog Center Phils.

Mark Lwin

Mark Lwin

Winner: Mark Lwin, CEO and General Manager - AIG Philippines Insurance and President - AIG Shared Services (Philippines)

Mark Lwin played a key role in expanding and professionalizing AIG’s Shared Services division when it was one of the first high value Knowledge Process Outsourcing providers in the country. The division become a showpiece operator for the Philippines and opened its doors to promote the nation to other high-quality locators. He currently manages both the commercial operations serving Philippines and the shared services operations serving the world. In other words, he has both a day job and a night job. This was felt particularly to be unique and exceptional by judges.

Smart Enterprise

Global Filipino Executive of the Year

The award is open to any Filipino citizen or person of Filipino descent who achieved recognizable success in Philippines or outside of it. Award candidates can be in any discipline but more attention is given to fields such as business, government and academics.

And the Finalist are...

Arthur Tan

CEO - Integrated Micro-Electronics

Chico Inong

VP Operations - TaskUs

Elmer Francisco Sarmineto

President - Royal Cargo

Exequiel Robles

President - Sta. Lucia Land

Jean Henri Lhuillier

CEO - PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies

Miguel Angel Camahort

CEO - LBC Express

Jason Patrick "Peejay" Yambao

President - Artemisplus Express

Ricardo Nicanor Jacinto

CEO - Institute of Corporate Directors

Rogelio Singson

CEO - Light Rail Manila Corporation

Rolando Victoria

Executive Director - Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc.

Arthur Tan

Arthur Tan

Winner: Arthur Tan, President and CEO - Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc.

Arthur Tan and his management team has built IMI into a global player in one of the world’s most competitive industries. It now has 15 manufacturing and professional offices across China, Philippines, Singapore, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the US, Mexico, Japan and Germany. They rank among the top providers in the global semiconductor industry.

White & Case

Top Employer of the Year

The award is open to any Philippines-based organization that achieved important employer success while overseeing a business enterprise either within Philippines or outside of it. The accomplishment(s) must demonstrate Filipino (or mixed Filipino/ expatriate) management talent performing at the highest standards and be recognized as internationally significant.

And the Finalist are...



Winner: Teleperformance Philippines

Teleperformance is one of the nation's largest employers with 18 locations across Philippines. Despite its vast size, the company continues to improve its employee engagement is virtually all measures, from attrition, hiring growth, average tenure, internal promotion, learning and development, academic partnerships, clubs and events, and long-term service recognition.


Executive Leadership Team of the Year

This award is open to any Profit-Making Organizations Executive Management Team that achieved important success while overseeing a business enterprise either within Philippines or outside of it. The team should have also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills resulting to the maximization of stakeholders values.

And the Finalist are...

Light Rail

Light Rail

Winner: Light Rail Manila Corporation

The management team of Light Rail Manila has achieved significant improvements in almost all aspects of its organization. It significant advanced its service levels, technical execution and financial performance. A few examples include reduced passenger queueing times, extended service hours, improved customer satisfaction, increased number of vehicles, increased speeds and cycle times, rehabilitation of tracks, trains and stations, and many more.