Asia CEO Forum

CSR Company of the Year


The award is open to corporate and non-corporate organizations that highlight corporate social responsibility (CSR) in providing a social commitment to the Filipino people by promoting environmental protection & awareness, livelihood programs and youth development projects that contribute to the society. The criteria for this award are as follows.

The majority of demonstrable results, major new activities or initiative(s) should have occurred within the current calendar year but may have begun earlier.


  1. Social Impact - Discuss how the CSR projects present the organization in a positive manner and could have inspired others to follow suit.
  2. Sustainability - Explain what makes the company's CSR project sustainable and with long-lasting benefits to its beneficiaries.
  3. Workforce Involvement - Describe the participation of the organization's employees (and even customers) to the CSR activities including numbers of people involved, time commitment, funding, etc. Supporting documentation should include internal reports, newsletters, media coverage, etc.
  4. Leadership Commitment - Describe the organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and their benefit to stakeholders including recipients, employees, customers and shareholders.
  5. Relevance - Explain how the organization's CSR projects are relevant to the needs of the country or social problems they address, as well as their target beneficiaries.